Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Judy Vilmain's Pocket Charm Ensembles

Love, Hope, Health & Peace
Best Seller
At 1185 sold, I'd venture to say that Judy Vilmain's pocket charm ensembles are within the top three best selling items at La Muse.  Why?  They are affordable & adorable.  There's one for nearly every occasion.  They are easy to pop in the mail.  They say an awful lot in a little package.  And they are the type of gift that someone will find in a treasure box 20 years from now and say - "Oh yea, I remember when Julie sent this for my 35th birthday."

Bag of Symbols
The latest addition to Judy's collection is an inspirational Bag of Symbols which represent balance, eternity, yin/yang, ohm and the Trinity.  Chances are, if your friend is into yoga, meditation, the Dalai Lama or hugging a tree this gift will be received with a smile of delight!  The charms are on sale for 15% off through the end of this week.  Feel free to contact me about volume discounts if you'd like to purchase a bunch as wedding giveaways, corporate gifts or the like. 

 In other La Muse news ... just yesterday my husband, Darryel, and I bought a work van.  He found a wonderful deal on one of those conversion vans from the 90's.  Darryel runs a triathlon club here in town and he was looking for something to be able to bring to events for gear transport and team support.  We hope to have it painted and all decaled up with logos by late spring (if you've got connections in that area let me know!).  La Muse will be using it for trips to shopping events (setting those up are on the 'to do' list).  I've posted a before picture for recollections sake.  Can't wait to see what it will look like in a few months!

Make it a great day everyone!   -debra