Saturday, February 5, 2011

And we're off to the Big Mouse House!

It's 9:20am on Saturday, Feb 5th.  Darryel and I are supposed to be at the airport waiting to board our flight to Orlando but he was caught in Chicago last night coming home from a work trip.  This is actually a good thing because we're now going to catch a 5pm flight and it gives me some much needed extra hours to wrap up last minute items before we leave - like coloring my hair (grays be gone) and packing a bag!  Yay!  I'm thrilled to once again be spending my birthday in the happiest place on earth.

I just had to leave this behind!
The last day La Muse was open was Jan 23rd ...but it already feels like months ago.  Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped that last weekend, it was our biggest sales weekend in almost two years!  We got lots of inventory moved and had a wonderful opportunity to chat with the best customers on the planet.  

Yay Barbara!
We (or I should say Darryel) moved everything the weekend of January 29th.  It started out organized and peacefully enough but around 4pm on Sunday, after being at it for 21 hours, we cracked open a beer and threw organization to the wind  "Let's just get this stuff out of here!"  Luckily by that time most of the inventory was properly labeled and brought to storage - everything else got piled in our house until we have time to tackle it.  We finished about 10pm on Sunday.  Barbara, who is our friend and neighbor, came to help with the final move and the final beers!   

I do not miss this!  Boo!
At 6am on Monday I dropped Darryel off at the airport and the dogs and I were on our way to NY.  I spent 4 days with dad cooking, organizing, shopping and picking at the massive amounts of ice that had accumulated on his driveway.  At least I got my cardio in!  Back home on Thursday and I've been working feverishly at shipping out the website orders and checking in new inventory.  I can't wait to show you what fun new things will be available at - but that's going to have to wait until my return from Orlando.  Right now I am going to ignore the mass of clutter in my living room and move my brain into vacation mode.  Much needed, much deserved - I am going to sleep in tomorrow if it kills me! 

Much love   -debra
*Love Everybody*
Home sweet home!

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