Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creating Good Karma - AKA 'Why I love my job'

Kathy found La Muse on eBay as she was looking for Island Cowgirl merchandise. She contacted me in the middle of March to ask if I would ship eBay orders to Canada and if I had any other pieces that weren't on eBay. I introduced her to my website and we corresponded about what Island Cowgirl merchandise I could special order for her. After a couple of weeks I received the items she ordered, I packed them with lots of love and off they went to Edmonton. I could tell by our email correspondence that she was very excited to receive her treasures.

I always imagine that every package I send puts a smile on the recipient's face - most of the time I don't know for sure - but every so often I get a glimpse...

With work 'to-do' lists swirling around in my head I got up at some ungodly hour on Thursday morning. As I waited for the coffee to finish brewing I started going through my emails and came across this one from Kathy:

"Hello Debra,
Today was a great day!! My beautiful jewelry arrived from you. Thank you sooooooo much. I love each piece. I am a big fan of Island Cowgirl. The "Happy Heart" is perfect. I wear a lot of silver heart jewelry. The initial / heart charms pendant is very, very cute!!! I put it on with the pieces I was already wearing and it looked awesome, the layered look. It's still too cold here to wear an anklet, but I can hardly wait to wear it this summer or sooner!! :)

I love your personal touches and superb customer service. You have been wonderful to work with!! I must tell you that the inspirational "rock"...Life is Good...couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time. My life is hectic and complicated right now, due to my younger brother's passing last July. Sometimes when a family member passes on there is chaos and division amongst people and that happens to be going on in my life. So thank you for the reminder that Life is Good. I shall carry it with me as a reminder!

Until next time....take care.

P.S. Love all the inspiring words written on the outside of the package! Keep smiling and making people happy!!!!!"

Yes, Kathy - today IS a great day. Thank you for creating even more gratitude in my life. Namaste

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  1. I have to agree with everyone who raves about La Muse. Debra and I had a great talk this afternoon -- my first time taking a turn off of King Street. What a joy to find a store that holds unique gifts with style, wit and wisdom.


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