Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 1-3

March 3 - Give a neighbor a ride

March 2 - Either pick up your dog's poop ... or train them to do it 

March 1 - Share your lunch - Who knew a 6" Subway sandwich and a diet coke could bring such a smile!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 26 - February 28

 February 28 - Share 29 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day and a super fun blog Secret Agent L in Pittsburgh. - Many thanks to Arvind Devalia for sharing his thoughts on ways to practice random acts of fact, have I used one today:

Purchase a lottery ticket for a stranger - Darryel and I were in 7-11 this morning and I walked over to the ATM.  The machine is right next to the table where you can fill out lottery tickets and a gentleman moved to the side and said "Don't mind me, I'm just trying to win some money."  Ding, the alarm in my head went off,  I remembered #3 of Arvind's 29 Acts.  As my husband paid for my water I said to the cashier "Can you please add three lottery scratch-off tickets to that?" (notice how I did that by the way ... 'as my husband was paying' hehe)  I proceeded to give one of them to the gentleman that was just ahead of us and the other two to the gentleman near the ATM machine.

I got in the car and Darryel followed after he had finished paying.  He said the gentleman in front of him looked at him quizzically to which Darryel responded "She's always doing stuff like that."  "That's why God's always looking out for her" the man said.  Indeed he does sir, indeed he does.  :)

February 27 - Ok, just one more note - So, I said I went note happy this weekend.  I found heart-shaped Post It notes, how cool is that?  So I wrote on a bunch of them and left them on restroom mirrors around town and at Grace's Mandarin at National Harbor and the Cheesecake Factory at Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  I am definitely going to make a habit of leaving these in all sorts of places.  Getting lots of Good Karma mileage out of the Post Its!

February 26 - Leave a love note - I admit that I got the note idea from Operation Beautiful.  My entire weekend was one note leaving extravaganza.  My husband has been having a rough time at work lately and I thought this note would be a nice little picker upper in his day so I put it at the bottom of his lunch bag.  I was right!  I received a phone call in the late afternoon telling how fabulous the lunch was that I made and that he especially loved my note - he said it was 'right on time!'