Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 9 - February 12

February 12 - Send a note of gratitude to a complete stranger - The other day I received a website order for 10 Curly Girl greeting cards.  I took a look at my inventory and had 7 of them on hand, the rest were due to be delivered by today but given Mother Nature's recent snow storms I figured it might take another week to get them in.  I emailed the customer, Mary Pat, back and asked if she'd like me to get the 7 out now or the 10 when I have them all on hand.

"Thanks Debra- I am ordering these to send as cheer up notes to my daughter who left two weeks ago to work with a woman's organization in Nicaragua and is feeling overwhelmed. Whenever you can overcome Mother Nature is fine... I just wanted to cheer her up as soon as possible. Thanks, Mary Pat"

It seems that her daughter, Mariah, is working with Collectiva des Mujeres, a women's rights organization.  Kudos to Mariah for undertaking such important work and kudos to Mary Pat for raising such an outstanding human being.

I asked for Mariah's address and sent this note of gratitude.  I'm sure she would appreciate happy notes from anyone - if you have a moment to send one please do:  

Mariah Underhill
C/O Rodriguez Chavarrilla
Siete Esquinas
1/2 Cuadra al Sur, Masaya


February 11 - Share an inspiring quote - I love to share inspiring quotes.  If you've ever been to La Muse you'll see that inspiring quotes adorn our chalkboard outside and every wall inside.  Every customer package leaves the store with hand written quotes, affirmations and good wishes.  In fact about 85% of our business relies on positive, amusing or intriguing messages of one sort or another.  I often find that certain quotes prevail from year to year.  Given the state of our recent economy it doesn't surprise me that this was the most sought after quote of 2009.

February 10 - Share your skills - I devote about 20 minutes each month to manage the funds of a person with a disability.  I deposit his social security check, pay his bills and balance his checkbook.  It's an easy job to do and one that is vital to this person.  Many communities have opportunities for residents to volunteer using basic skills like reading, cooking, language, etc.  If you'd like to volunteer some time in this capacity but don't know where to start check your local city or town website and look under general, community, human or mental health services.

February 9 - Share Pictures - My next door neighbor came into the store, "Deb, what's your email address?  I took some pictures during the snowstorm and wanted to share them with you."  Here's one of the picture's he sent me.    I thought it was really nice of John to not only take this picture but then take the time to email it to me.

People who know me have experienced first hand my passion for pictures.  I have a camera at most every outing and now that I have an iPhone the sky is the limit!  My most treasured possession isn't a house or car, it's my collection of pictures.  What I have noticed is that since the dawn of digital pictures, although we all take tons more of them, we don't print as many out.  I try to make it a point to print out pictures for friends and family.  Sometimes I give them in a nice frame as a gift and sometimes I just put them in an envelope and send them through the mail.  When it comes down to it, is there a nice gift than a memory?

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