Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 6 - February 8

February 8 - Adopt an animal - According to the latest ASPCA figures 4 million animals are euthanized every year at animal shelters because there is no room for them or resources to care for them.  Add on top of that a down-turned economy or natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the numbers spike considerably.  Personally I've adopted four adult dogs over the years and wouldn't trade them for anything.  I understand that some people have an affinity for particular breeds but every breed has their own rescue group and with a little patience you should be able to find the perfect rescue dog that meshes with your family - and you'll save a life to boot!  Click Here for a website to get you started if you are looking for a particular breed to rescue. 

Here's an example of one the cuddly little creatures you could be rescuing right now - meet Max.  I adopted him 18 months ago.

February 7 - If you knit or crochet make someone a treat - I am very happy to be the recipient of two scarves and one hat over this last year.  My friend Joanne made me a wonderful scarf and my mother-in-law Ruth made me a hat and scarf set.  These have come in very handy lately!  I was at a business meeting recently and one of the ladies at the meeting owns a knit and crochet store here in town, Fibre Space.  She mentioned how they frequently have charity nights.  It's an opportunity for people to socialize while knitting and making baby blankets, hats, etc. for various charities.  What a great idea!  

February 6 - Creating Good Karma during a snow storm - Check on your neighbors * Be a good neighbor and shovel your walkways and sidewalk (especially if you live in a city) * Shovel walkways for an elderly or disabled person * Call around to family and friends to make sure they are ok * If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle call your local hospital and offer to be a driver * Clear fire hydrants * Clear street drains * Bring food/goodies to your local fire department *

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