Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 25 to January 27

Jan 27 - Share "The Responsibility Project"

Jan 26 - Be there in a pinch - My cousin Ken moved from NY several years ago and, as luck would have it, he and his family now only live 12 blocks away from me.  His wife, Colleen, is pregnant with baby number two and Darryel and I have been on baby watch for the last couple of weeks.  We were the ones to be called, day or night.  When they needed to head to the hospital we were on babysitting detail.  We got the call tonight and dropped everything to head to their house.  I have to admit, Colleen couldn't have started contractions at a more convenient time - just after dinner on a Tuesday evening and their daughter was already sleeping, does it get any better?  We fully expected to receive a phone call sometime in the middle of the night.  As they headed out the door they kept thanking us for coming to help them out.  Truth be told, it is a pleasure and an honor to be the person to help those you love when they need a hand. 

Jan 25 - Get your employer involved in charitable giving - Ok, for me this is an easy one.  After all, I'm the boss.  In 2009 La Muse donated 26 gift certificates to charity.  I'm sure we'll surpass that in 2010 as I've already donated 10 this month alone, including the three I've sent today. It was no different for me when I was in corporate.  I was always taking up one cause or another - if I was still in an office I'm sure I would be right smack in the middle of a donation drive for Haiti right now. Get behind a cause that you are passionate about and think about how your employer's resources might be able to help.  The best ideas are those that are a win/win for the employer and the charity such as those that include PR exposure or bringing your employer face to face with potential customers.

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